I wish you well on
your journey with Reiki


Serene Reiki courses are designed to suit anyone regardless of experience and background. Everyone is able to learn to practice Reiki for themselves. The training that Serene Reiki provides is based on the Japanese Reiki system that Mikao Usui was teaching, with some Western elements to allow for the fact that we live in a western world. This also provides all students with a basic understanding of both approaches to Reiki and the freedom to choose a way that works best for the individual.

There are three levels for Reiki training as you can see in the courses below. Many people do Reiki purely for themselves and/or their friends and family. You can start working with Reiki in this way as soon as you are connected to Reiki at 'First degree' level. Students are connected to Reiki through a ritual called an 'Empowerment' or 'Attunement'.

My courses provide a clear structure to work with and develop from. Each student is unique so you will learn techniques to help you work intuitively and develop your own unique style. 

The courses come with a comprehensive manual, plus CD's relevant to each course. The materials provide detailed information about the theory behind Reiki, plus information on the practical work you will be carrying out. All students will receive a certificate, recognised by the Reiki Federation.

As a student you will receive long term support and advice included in your course price.

£60 secures a place on the course; final payment is required on the date of the course.
Once a booking is confirmed the £60 deposits are non refundable.



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