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Japanese face massage

Some background Philosophy

The Eastern concept of beauty is that it is more than skin deep. Health and beauty are not seen as separate; when a person radiates true health, they appear beautiful, and the face is and indicator of this state. On the other hand if a person is not healthy this shows in the face.

The great thing about Japanese face massage is that it can improve the appearance of the face by working both the surface and deep musculature, as well as the skin.

Japanese face massage is like:

  • A full body massage
  • A natural facelift
  • A deeply relaxing experience

It acts on:

  • The physical face
  • The physical body
  • The emotions


Japanese face 

Japanese foot massage


The tradition of foot massage goes back thousands of years in India, then China and Japan.

According to tradition, it was taught by Buddha, which is why there are many carvings of feet with symbols, or “Buddha’s Footprints” throughout Asia. It was then combined with elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the 5th & 6th century warrior monks brought it to Japan, where it was known as Zoku Shin Do (or Sokushindo)

Our feet can be a neglected and mistreated part of us, and yet they work so hard, carrying us through life. Surely they deserve our love and attention, and will serve us better if we look after them.

Foot massage works on many levels: the feet are the very foundation of our physical being, if we have problems in our feet, then there are bound to be repercussions in the posture and structure of the spine and the whole body.

This treatment helps to Restore energy and well being

Japanese foot